Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Sadly, Eliza has had to cancel her forthcoming Wayward Daughter tour due to poor health. Anyone who has read the book will know that Eliza suffers from throat problems, and her specialist has recommended that she reschedule her 'best of' tour for 2013.

This means that the double album which was set to be released to coincide with the tour, also entitled Wayward Daughter, will be postponed.

Soundcheck Books, therefore, has also decided to put back the Wayward Daughter e-book. Please keep checking back for further information.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

UKFolkMusic review

Another review has found its way to us... Pete Fyfe says:

'...this is a tremendous 'read' particularly if you are a musician who wants an insight about the pitfalls of working in 'the industry' succumbing to the Yankee Dollar and I look forward to hearing more from what promises to be a 'fine' career choice by Ms Parkes.'