Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kindle readers - for you!

Yes, you can now buy Wayward Daughter the Kindle edition, complete with extra chapter. Happy reading!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wayward Daughter is one year old today!

Yes, it's been a year since the wonderful, the amazing Phil and Sue from Soundcheck Books published Wayward Daughter: The official biography of Eliza Carthy - and what a year it has been! There was the launch with Eliza herself at The Greystones in Sheffield, then there's been countless excellent reviews (you can read some of them here)... and now we're just putting the finishing touches to the e-book, and you'll be able to purchase that, too, alongside Eliza's retrospective CD, also called Wayward Daughter (which is out on June 3rd).

And if that's not enough, then get yourself along to a gig on the Wayward Tour: an all-star cast is supporting Eliza in celebrating 21 years on the road and Jim Moray 10 years. I'll be heading to the Buxton Opera House gig on Monday 27 May, so if you see me, do say hello!

Thanks for buying the book and supporting us. It's been a fantastic year.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Wayward Daughter - on CD and e-book!

Amazing news, Eliza fans... 3 June brings Eliza's full career retrospective: a two-disc delight containing some new, some old, some very old, and some ancient, all picked by fRoots editor, Ian Anderson. And it's called... Wayward Daughter! Hurrah! Make sure you get your mitts on the autographed version by pre-ordering through Proper

And even better? We're currently road-testing an e-book version of Wayward Daughter, complete with additional new chapter (happenings in 2012 and beyond), which will be out around the same time. Check back here to learn about the wheres and hows.

And lastly? Watch this, the official video of Eliza's Jack Frost.