About the book

Wayward Daughter charts Eliza Carthy’s eventful life, from her childhood spent in close quarters with her extended family on a farm in Robin Hood’s Bay before making the move to professional musicianhood, assembling her first band and taking to the road.

Wayward Daughter is available from Eliza's own site, Amazon, The Book Depository, Waterstones and other good booksellers.

Designed by Liz Newell

The book takes in early collaborations with Nancy Kerr and the Kings of Calicutt before she entered into a musical career in her own right, garnering critical accolades, signing to a major label and finding her original songwriting feet.

Wayward Daughter was written with conversations between the author and Eliza at the very heart, incorporating interviews with over thirty of her closest friends, family members, peers and admirers. It contains eight plates of photographs, the majority of which came directly from Eliza’s own collection. We will be featuring some of the photos which didn’t make it into the book here, on this very site.

About the author

Sophie Parkes lives in Manchester with her boyfriend and their pet fish, Regine. Sophie has been writing about music, predominantly folk music, since she was 15 and has contributed to FiddleOn, English Dance and Song, fRoots, Rock and Reel (now R2) and Spiral Earth, amongst many others.

Sophie has been a fan of Eliza since she discovered an image of  the Angels And Cigarettes cover in a brochure detailing the latest releases to come out of the Levellers’ Brighton studio, The Metway.

Wayward Daughter is her first book.

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