Tuesday 22nd May - the launch of Wayward Daughter at The Greystones, Sheffield
Fab photographer, Elly Lucas, shot some great footage of an all-star cast joining in a session at the end of the night.

Saturday 5th May
Eliza has kept many of her outtakes from promo photo shoots over the years.

Here's Bryan Ledgard's contact sheet from the Shape Of Scrape shoot. The photos were taken at Ray Williams studio in North Dalton:

And here's the shots from the Heat, Light And Sound shoot, courtesy of Tom Howard:


Thanks to Bryan and Tom for allowing me to use these shots.

Sunday 29th April
Eliza and her friend, Leathy, have been friends from the age of four. Here they are at Whitby Folk week:

...and here at the National Folk Festival in Loughborough:

Thursday 26th April
Did you know Eliza dabbled in dance? She clogged with Nancy Kerr at early shows (see the photo plates in the book for evidence!) and here she is all dolled up in her Black Adder Rapper and Step team gear:

Monday 23rd April
Many of the friends Eliza made as a teenager played in her bands for years to come. Here are early shots of some of her compatriots who you might just recognise...

Two familiar faces chilling ahead of the Mercury Music Prize ceremony

On tour

 From top to bottom: A rather hairier Martin Green, Sam Thomas from The Chipolatas, clogger and singer, Lucy Adams, and Barnaby Stradling and Sam Thomas recording Heat, Light And Sound in Robin Hood's Bay.

Friday 20 April 2012
I loved chatting with Nancy Kerr. Not only is she a great fiddler, but she was warm and honest. She made for a great interview. Here's some early shots of her and Eliza playing together. (And there's more in the book)

A marathon six-hour session at Sidmouth. Jock Tyldesley, looking very rock on the left, and a certain Seth Lakeman on the right

Sunday 15 April 2012
Here's some more family shots for you:

I'd love to know what Martin's playing here - and why it's so funny. Any guesses?

And, by contrast, I'd also love to know why The Waterdaughters were looking so serious here:

(L-R: Norma, Marry, Lal)
Perhaps they simply didn't want their photos taken?

Thursday 12 April 2012

Eliza and her family are keen collaborators and have taken part in a number of different projects all over the world.

Here's Eliza and the cast of Hal Willner's Harry Smith project:


 and here's a rather pleased looking Martin Carthy with the artist Ralph Steadman at the Rogue's Gallery recording project, an idea that was initially touted by Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean director, Gore Verbinski.

Monday 9 April 2012

Today's photos have been kindly donated by photographer, Ron Hill.

Eliza and The Chipolatas

The filthiest laugh you'll ever hear...

Thursday 5 April 2012

Eliza graciously allowed me access to her personal photo collection and I was delighted - what a treasure trove! We saved the very best for the book, of course, but check back here regularly as we'll be bringing you some never-before-seen treats.

First off? 
A few glimpses of a very young Eliza...

I particularly like this one. It's like a still from Dirty Dancing, or something.