Praise for Wayward Daughter

'Sophie Parkes’ Wayward Daughter: An Official Biography of Eliza Carthy, is a beautifully crafted tale of one of this country’s prized assets. Read the book, buy the albums and get off yer arses and go see Eliza Carthy live.' Brighton Magazine

'Crucially, the book manages to do justice to the woman herself: earthy, forthright and eminently entertaining. As Eliza muses on an uncertain future, we are left hoping that this dynamo of a woman does not go anywhere soon. Volume Two, here we come.' fRoots

 'Sophie Parkes has made a fine fist of it. She is good at unfolding Eliza's life, and revealing her character, through the telling detail...Parkes does not herself ever take a critical attitude, but the book ends with views from some her fans, and this book is certainly no hagiography.' Songlines

'This is a seriously well-researched book. Throughout, the author shows that she has walked the hard yards down Researchers' Road, and this is never more evident than when it comes to listing and explaining Eliza's various stage collaborations and telling us the background of all the individuals involved with her. Going right back to King Ligger and the Bathing Boys: many of the people Eliza would later go on and work with, came from this early band.

I have reviewed the occasional biography before for literary journals, and I can confidently say that Ms. Parkes can hold her own with most biographers I have come across: she is a proper writer and not the fanzine editor that so many biographers of popular celebrities “come across” as.' The Living Tradition

'...Sophie tells the story well, with many chapters introducing a theme which is then taken through from the 1990s to the present day...This is an affectionate, readable biography of a singer and musician who is set to achieve much more.' English Dance and Song

'...a sturdy chronology.' Record Collector

'...Sophie manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: telling her subject's story by providing a healthy mixture of factual accuracy, exposition, narrative and informed commentary and assessment, and keeping a credible balance between the lady and the music.' FATEA

'Wayward Daughter offers a fascinating, diligently researched and well written take on Carthy’s life story so far...Good presentation and the inclusion of some lovely, previously unseen photographs are the icing on the cake. Wayward Daughter is a great read, and should inspire further interest in this singular, inspiring musician. Highly recommended.' Folk Witness

'The writing style is personal without being intrusive and analytical without being clinical. Through her writing Sophie engages with the reader as much as she clearly engages with Eliza. Across each chapter Sophie tells her tale objectively and without pulling punches...Is it recommended reading? Without a doubt. What are you waiting for? Buy it now.' FolkWords

'English music is in safe hands with people like Eliza Carthy on the scene; it is also good to know that there are writers around like Sophie Parkes who are on hand to record it.' FiddleOn

'There’s no doubt that this book should command respect. Rich in detail and anecdote, clearly benefitting from extensive access to the musician and her inner circle and often propelled by a nice, unfussy narrative style, I would wager that this is as definitive a biography as its subject will get for some time.' Incendiary Magazine 

'An honest appraisal of a career that has come a long way in just a few years.' Tykes News

'...this is a tremendous 'read' particularly if you are a musician who wants an insight about the pitfalls of working in 'the industry' succumbing to the Yankee Dollar and I look forward to hearing more from what promises to be a 'fine' career choice by Ms Parkes.' UKFolkMusic

'I would suggest that Parkes initially gained the trust of Eliza but also her family, from this trust a true friendship has developed; you get hints of Parkes own feelings for Eliza and the respect she has for her and as such this book is a success in that it both educates the uninitiated and adds context to those already familiar with Eliza Carthy.' Louder Than War

'...charming anecdotes.' R2 

'...Sophie Parkes charges in and handles the story-so-far with unabashed relish.' Penguin Eggs 

'I’ve now started reading the book, and can’t put it down! An amazing insight into the whole family. Wonderful!' Ali O'Brien, presenter of Sounds Of Folk

'I've enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover... you have a great way with words and obviously enjoy the folk circuit as much as I do.' Pete Fyfe, journalist

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